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Photo Ruth RobartsonFrom a very young age, I have always been interested in art and can still remember one of the first pictures I drew in Primary School. We were asked to illustrate a Birthday Party. People were hard to draw, so I concentrated on the table, cake and balloons. I placed one child under the table eating a piece of cake as I felt this was all I could manage in the way of portraitures. The explanation being, that the rest of the children were outside playing games, but my girlfriend who loved cake, had slipped back for a quick snack while no one was looking.


I still feel paintings should tell a story rather than just represent an image. Birds and animals are my preferred subjects, with scenes second on the list. Because of that, I attempt to place my creatures in their natural habitat.


I have branched out into other styles and enjoy workshops conducted by local, interstate and overseas Artists. Other subjects I like to paint include fruit, lustre and texture techniques, Dolphins, Metallic’s and working on bone china. The constant challenge of mastering new products and their potential uses keeps my interest in Porcelain Painting fresh and alive, myself as well.




Plate painted by Ruth Robartson

Plate by Ruth Robartson



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