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While teaching Home Economics in the early 1960s Connie and a fellow teacher decided to go to night china painting classes held privately by Mrs. Jean MacBean. Thirteen years and three sons later Connie began her china painting teaching career.


In 1980 Connie joined the International Porcelain Art Teachers, which later became the Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers (APAT), holding many positions over the ensuing years. She has held the position of Editor/Reporter for the APAT newsletter since 1992.


She completed the Certificate of Onglaze Painting in 1984 and following this she had many successes at the Perth Royal Show. In 1993 she was awarded the Perpetual Trophy at the South Perth Heritage Exhibition, winning above all other art categories at this prestigious art show.


Painting styles have changed a great deal over the years and this has been reflected in her work which could now be best described as “modern traditional” whether it is wildlife, floral, scenes or abstract. Various levels of expertise have been gained in Silk Painting, Watercolour, Gouache, Folk Art, Pastels, Painting on Rocks, Fabric, Wood and Leaves. Her hope is to continue to improve her knowledge and skills and in the future share these with others in friendship and understanding.




Plate by Connie Risbey

Plate by Connie Risbey



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