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Dee CredaroI live in the centre of the universe, Wildwood Road, Carbunup River, Western Australia. I have always lived on a farm not far from the ocean, and in constant contact with animals, birds, bush and beach.


Although growing up with an artistic mother, I did not really begin my own visual arts journey till motherhood slowed down more physical pursuits.


However, now, after almost 30 years of exploring many mediums, including pastels, oils, acrylics, encaustic, mixed media, watercolours, inks, mosaics and for the last 8 years, porcelain painting, I am constantly looking for satisfying and appealing ways to share my passion for our Australian way of life. The skills I bring from other media, translate well into basic composition and design on porcelain.


My personal goal in porcelain painting, is to lift the profile of this medium in Australia to that of fine arts. It is SO much more than a craft. As such, I now paint many of my pieces as art to be hung, and enter exhibitions in the oils category.


Promoting porcelain painting both educates the public and brings in new enthusiasts, to this amazing form of art.





Plate by Dee Credaro

Dee Credaro platter 'HorseTales'


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