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I was born in Kalgoorlie and was an only child. Reaching adulthood, I married and had 5 children, three boys and two girls. I painted with Mavis Quartermaine at Technical School. After living in Kalgoorlie for 35 years we decided to move to Mandurah. In Mandurah I painted with Mrs U, who held classes in Pinjarra.


I appreciate lovely china and my passion is painting roses. It’s a lovely subject and I think they are so beautiful. I have won several first prizes at the Royal Agricultural Show. I love teaching and have taught many nice ladies and two men. Teaching china painting is much more than being just a teacher to me, and I have developed very close friendships with most of my students.


China painting is beautiful, with endless designs and so many vibrant colours to choose from off the palette. I have found over the years better and better products are coming onto the market.


During my time as a china painter I have attended many workshops and have learned many new techniques from the teachers.


I have no natural talent but appreciate good china painting. Having lots of lessons from Florence Davis helps keep me on track, keeps me motivated and above all ensures I enjoy what I am doing. China painting is definitely the best way to relax completely and I enjoy every moment creating masterpieces (I think they are masterpieces anyway).


Happy painting Margaret




Rose Plate by Margaret Barber


Vase by Margaret Barber

Rose Platter and vase by Margaret Barber



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