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Petals & Fur - Local Australiana

26th November to 4th December 2022Numbat painted by Barbara Cronin

APAT WA held it's 2022 exhibition and sale of work titled 'Petals & Fur - Local Australiana' at the Old Court House in Busselton. The Court House makes up part of the Art-Geo historic precinct in Busselton. It was an historic backdrop in which to present the hand painted porcelain.



possums painted by Brenda CaelliA wide variety of members' pieces were on display. Designs included both contemporary and traditional subject matter with paintings including wildflowers, animals, birds, fish, insects and more.



The work was individually hand-painted by artists using various paints, lustres, gold and textures to enhance the plain white porcelain, the china painter’s ‘canvas’. A design is applied over several firings to around 800°c. The heat melts the porcelain glaze sufficiently to absorb the painted design which when cooled is set within the glaze, ensuring the pieces will become the heirlooms of tomorrow. Many hours of work, individual style and techniques ensure each piece displayed is original and unique.


main hall


The APAT WA Regional Exhibition is always popular. If you would like an invitation to attend a future event, please forward your name, email address or postal address via the contact page to have your details added to the mailing list.


various painted pieces


Shown from top to bottom:
Numbat plate by Barbara Cronin; Possums plate by Brenda Caelli;
Old Court House, Busselton, exhibition room;

Bottom L to Right: Under the Jetty' by Anne Blake; Vase by Brenda Caelli; Redbacks by Anne Blake.



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Shown below 'Primrose' porcelain tile painted by Dee Credaro

'Primrose' porcelain tile painted by Dee Credaro

Shown below 'Inspired by Nature' platter hand painted by Anne Blake'Inspired by Nature' platter painted by Anne Blake

shown below birds, hand painted tile by Carolyn Pollitt

birds - hand painted tile by Carolyn Pollitt


shown below harlequin wildflower mug set hand painted by Anne Blake

wildflower harlequin mugs by Anne Blake


exhibition invitation



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